My mission

The heart of my passion for writing lies within telling others’ stories, which is why I received my bachelor’s degree in journalism from Ohio University. I have professional experience ranging from community journalism to niche coverage of beats, including nonprofits and health care.

After covering the business of nonprofits for two years, I found myself at an unexpected crossroad. I fell in love with this industry that faces society’s most complex challenges with the smallest of resources.

So in 2014, I left the newsroom and followed my calling to join a mission firsthand. I handled social media and public relations for Make-A-Wish Hawaii, where I worked with a small team to find innovative ways of spreading this vital mission through storytelling.

I’ve since uncovered a passion for helping nonprofits tell their stories, as today’s donors seek transparency and communication more than ever before. There are so many nonprofits changing lives on the daily, and I’ve made it my mission to see that communities, small and large, not only hear these inspiring stories, but in turn, gain greater awareness of why and how they can support nonprofits.

If you work or volunteer for a nonprofit in need of more strategic communications, I can help. Contact me at