pregnancy and parenthood

We can calculate our pregnancies, but not our babies

There's an app for everything from tracking our fertility, comparing our growing bumps to weird fruits and vegetables, and timing our contractions during labor. Then after we have the baby, the temptation to calculate only continues with apps for logging nursing sessions, sleep patterns, wet diapers, and more. So. many. logs.  While I enjoyed being able to… Continue reading We can calculate our pregnancies, but not our babies

pregnancy and parenthood

How I stopped fearing childbirth

When I first discovered news of the little miracle growing inside of me, I almost passed out from anxiety at the thought of having to actually deliver the baby. At that point in time, I never, ever, would've pictured myself coming to a place of such confidence or excitement about giving birth, but as it turns out, childbirth is not… Continue reading How I stopped fearing childbirth