The real reason second-time moms “care less”

There is a hilarious video circulating the Internet of a mom showcasing the differences in how she prepared for the birth of her first child vs. how she prepares with littles already running around. It pokes fun of the contrast in the glamor that we create around first-time pregnancies – and how this glamor abruptly fades once the messy realities of motherhood take over.

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What everyone told me about the 4th trimester that I ignored

I wanted to call this one of those  “What no one tells you” blogs, but that would be a lie, albeit catchy. Truthfully, everyone heeded me with their warnings on those first few months postpartum, otherwise known as the infamous fourth trimester – problem was, I was too pregnant to take note. I just wanted to get through the birth, allowing the aftermath to come naturally.  Continue reading “What everyone told me about the 4th trimester that I ignored”

We can calculate our pregnancies, but not our babies

There’s an app for everything from tracking our fertility, comparing our growing bumps to weird fruits and vegetables, and timing our contractions during labor. Then after we have the baby, the temptation to calculate only continues with apps for logging nursing sessions, sleep patterns, wet diapers, and more. So. many. logs.  Continue reading “We can calculate our pregnancies, but not our babies”