Cast your vote and cook a turkey

What was your worst Thanksgiving food fail?

Probably last year, when Sean and I had no idea how to season our turkey and went overboard on the salt and spices. It turns out, there is most definitely such a thing as too much flavor. I could go in greater detail about this turkey, but, I’d much rather shift today’s writing prompt to a different kind of failure.  Continue reading “Cast your vote and cook a turkey”


5 things I will miss most about Hawaii

When I first broke the news to my family and friends that I was moving to Hawaii, the reaction was consistent: “You’re going to paradise? Your life is a dream!”

It’s a totally understandable reaction. And yes, I would giggle with excitement at the hope of pursuing all my biggest dreams in a place truly portrayed as paradise. I naively moved to Oahu expecting to fall in love with a place, but instead I fell in love with a community – and a way of living that is far richer than the coconut drinks and hula dancers so stereotypically broadcasted to the world.  Continue reading “5 things I will miss most about Hawaii”