Empathy, like wisdom, comes in time

I just read one of the most beautiful blogs I’ve seen in a while: “To my friends who had kids before me, I’m sorry I didn’t know.”

It speaks such a raw and honest truth that most of us experience in the throes of childbirth and recovery, especially for those of us who are the first of our close circles to have children. That is, feeling alone in the growing pains of being born a mother. This feeling of isolation is exacerbated when our closest friends don’t know what to say or do because our struggles are just not relevant to them.  Continue reading “Empathy, like wisdom, comes in time”


A re-do of the fourth trimester

By far, the hardest part of becoming a mother with my first born was bringing him home. My recovery was long and difficult. My expectations of what having a new baby would be like and what it was actually like couldn’t have been further apart. And my marriage was ill prepared for how to adjust to the new demands of parenthood. It was “survival mode.”  Continue reading “A re-do of the fourth trimester”

We can calculate our pregnancies, but not our babies

There’s an app for everything from tracking our fertility, comparing our growing bumps to weird fruits and vegetables, and timing our contractions during labor. Then after we have the baby, the temptation to calculate only continues with apps for logging nursing sessions, sleep patterns, wet diapers, and more. So. many. logs.  Continue reading “We can calculate our pregnancies, but not our babies”

On Parenthood: one month old

The last time I celebrated monthly anniversaries was many, many years ago during my juvenile dating days. Then life happened; I grew up, got married, and suddenly celebrating love on monthly markers grew silly. That is until last month, when I met the greatest love of of all – my baby boy. It has reignited that giddy desire to celebrate the tiniest of milestones. And so, today I pause to revel in my baby’s first month.  Continue reading “On Parenthood: one month old”