A re-do of the fourth trimester

By far, the hardest part of becoming a mother with my first born was bringing him home. My recovery was long and difficult. My expectations of what having a new baby would be like and what it was actually like couldn’t have been further apart. And my marriage was ill prepared for how to adjust to the new demands of parenthood. It was “survival mode.”  Continue reading “A re-do of the fourth trimester”


Our second birth – sweet redemption

It’s only day two postpartum as I write this, and I fear I will forget the details of our daughter’s birth if I wait any longer. It came and went faster than I could keep up with – completely opposite of our first experience! Continue reading “Our second birth – sweet redemption”

The one time in motherhood I close my door

When it comes to motherhood, I’m an open book (hence this blog). And I’m no different in pregnancy. Even though this is my second go around, I’ve maintained the classic weekly bumpdates on Facebook just as devoutly as I did the first time around. I love sharing my journey and swapping experiences with others.

Until the very end of pregnancy, that is.  Continue reading “The one time in motherhood I close my door”

The one-liner that I vow to stop saying to expectant mothers

Before crossing from expectant mother to new mother, I was busy working on my birth plan. Yet, many mamas often told me some form of “Forget your birth plan. Honey, you can’t plan your labor. You’ll just be upset when things don’t go according to plan.”  I understood that. But I also didn’t find that to be a productive comment. I wanted to go into labor … Continue reading The one-liner that I vow to stop saying to expectant mothers

We can calculate our pregnancies, but not our babies

There’s an app for everything from tracking our fertility, comparing our growing bumps to weird fruits and vegetables, and timing our contractions during labor. Then after we have the baby, the temptation to calculate only continues with apps for logging nursing sessions, sleep patterns, wet diapers, and more. So. many. logs.  Continue reading “We can calculate our pregnancies, but not our babies”