Montessori shelves: trays or toys?

Organized and accessible shelving is a staple to the Montessori environment, and when we switched to this setup at home we noticed an immediate improvement with engagement. I’ve never really given this setup a second glance until recently, when I took a moment to reflect on how I use these shelves today vs. when I just started. Continue reading “Montessori shelves: trays or toys?”


The delicate balance between supervising and observing

I remember when I first started Montessori, I felt so torn on my role around the home. I had all these new expectations to better maintain the “prepared space,” but transforming the space proved to be easier than transforming my role as parent. Continue reading “The delicate balance between supervising and observing”

What I got wrong about “follow the child”

“Follow the child” is at the heart of practicing Montessori. I remember when I first dove into reading about this, I kind of glazed over the child-led principle because it seemed self-explanatory, and I thought I had already been doing it. My approach to my first-born’s baby days were largely rooted in following his cues for feeding, sleeping; so it wasn’t like I had previously been in a rigid habit of parent-led. I had a tendency to follow my children already, I thought. Continue reading “What I got wrong about “follow the child””