How I feel about breastfeeding one year later

About half of mothers will be breastfeeding in our country by six months postpartum, and only one-third  will still be nursing by 12 months. This is far below the WHO’s recommendation that moms nurse their babies through the first two years at minimum

I’ll admit, those recent statistics – based off the 2016 Breastfeeding Report Card  – shocked me. I’m approaching my one-year goal of nursing, and as normal as it is in my circle to breastfeed, it was awakening to learn that I’m now standing alongside a minority of moms who are nursing into the second year.  Continue reading “How I feel about breastfeeding one year later”


To the silent nursing mom, you are doing amazing

When I was pregnant, I’d see scary headlines of breastfeeding stories gone viral – you know the ones. Mom gets shamed for breastfeeding in public. The online trolls come out, and the debate resurfaces. These stories would ignite anger, but also fear as a mother-to-be. “Is this what it’s going to be like when I nurse my baby? 
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