Our second birth – sweet redemption

It’s only day two postpartum as I write this, and I fear I will forget the details of our daughter’s birth if I wait any longer. It came and went faster than I could keep up with – completely opposite of our first experience! Continue reading “Our second birth – sweet redemption”


The one birth affirmation that is excluding women

As the countdown to my next childbirth draws near, I’ve been thinking, asking, talking, and listening on all things labor and delivery. I’m blessed to have a large support network of mothers in this community who have such varying experiences and wisdom, in addition to a well-rounded care team of midwives and my doula. Continue reading “The one birth affirmation that is excluding women”

I was hoping for a girl, and that says nothing about the kind of parent I am

“Are you hoping for a girl this time?”

This was a popular question that followed our second pregnancy announcement since we have had the overwhelming joy of experiencing a boy our first go-around.

I always felt a tad awkward answering this because there’s a bit of shame associated with admitting that you may have a preference for a daughter or son, as if having a preference means you don’t value the blessing of your child. So I always started with a disclaimer: we’re hoping for a healthy baby first and foremost, but yes, admittedly, I would love to experience having a little girl!  Continue reading “I was hoping for a girl, and that says nothing about the kind of parent I am”

Five things I just don’t care about this pregnancy

1341502017158_5104234This idea that you can have too many baby clothes.  Only have a few newborn sizes, and then buy upbut not too much. I tried to abide by this cautionary advice last time. This time, I catch myself checking the baby clothes sections every chance I get. There’s something so sentimental about baby clothes. When I see a little newborn outfit awaiting to be worn, I envision my daughter wearing it and smiling at me in my arms. And just for a few moments, I find patience in how long it takes to grow her. This time around, you won’t find me counting inventory pretending that there is a perfect system to it. You’ll find me with a coffee in hand ooh-ing and ahh-ing over baby clothes sales.

In a weird way, witnessing just how fast they grow only makes me want to cling to the tiny outfits even more this time.  Continue reading “Five things I just don’t care about this pregnancy”